Eye Exam

MAX VISION wants your family to see the world clearly. That’s why we offer a team of  highly skilled professionals using the latest in eye exam technology for your eye tests. We believe that vision correction and healthy eyes can lead to better learning, more productivity and an improved lifestyle.


Vision Screening

MAX VISION offers vision screening to bring eye consultations in the comfort of your institutions with our skilled eye professionals. This program runs in select public venues, corporate companies or hotels.


Contact Lens Fitting

MAX VISION offers in-depth eye exams for contact lens wearers. Not only giving them the right contact lenses that fit their lifestyle and preferences, we also offer professional advice and make sure that your eyes will stay healthy and perform at their best.



In MAX VISION, we make sure that your prescriptions are prepared with utmost care and quality. Our workshops have the latest lens fitting equipment operated by our trained and skilled laboratory technicians. You are assured to get the best fitting frames and lenses.